Course Description

An introduction to the concepts of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). This course is aimed at those wanting to achieve a basic understanding of the methods, techniques and role of NDT in the engineering, fabrication and construction industries. Extensive hands-on experience is available allowing basic tests to be performed. This course is ideal for beginners starting a career in NDT and can be orientated towards senior managers, consulting engineers, chief inspectors and surveyors.

Course Content

  • The main methods of NDT with demonstrations (including magnetic particle testing, penetrant testing, ultrasonic flaw detection and radiographic interpretation – other methods may be introduced, subject to client request)
  • Limitations of each method of testing
  • Certification schemes
  • Relevant BS, EN and ISO standards/reference sources
  • Reporting criteria
  • Basic mathematics

Course Details

Duration: 3 days

Special note: This course may be linked to Product Technology NTTC/PRT to provide an introduction to PCN.

Course and Examination Enquiries

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