Course Description

Ideal for those who already have a basic understanding of the techniques of ultrasonic inspection and would like intensive instruction to improve their knowledge and increase their experience in preparation for a recertification examination. The course is suitable for candidates who are wishing to progress towards any of the ultrasonic examination qualifications and has a high practical content; all equipment is provided.

Course Content

  • Revision of basic techniques
  • Probe identification
  • Test sensitivity
  • Equipment checks
  • Geometry/ultrasonic technique selection
  • Defect response
  • Practical exercises on a wide variety of weldments
  • Defect sizing methods

Course Details

Duration: Option of single or multiple days and a flexible option for candidates.

Special note: Candidates attempting a PCN examination must meet the PCN/GEN requirements. If attempting an ASNT examination the requirements of your company’s written practice must be met.

Course and Examination Enquiries

+606-7947879 or enquiries@nttc-my.org